Hair masks: some great benefits of using 100 % natural ingredients

Olive oil, apple vinegar, natural yoghurts and avocado pulp are a good ingredients to prepare masks pertaining to dry, destroyed or destroyed hair coming from plate neglect, curling flat iron and dryer.

The nutritious, nutritive masks made at home with organic and real products give shine, vigor, volume and those features that we find in a excellent hair, with out weighing locks.

If you notice that your hair appears particularly morne, dry and brittle, have got split ends and break easily, it can time to feed them with olio argan capelli made with natural and legitimate products that, in all likelihood, words in food storage.

Extra virgin olive oil for dry hair

Due to moisturizing and nourishing substances which it is constructed, including nutritional E, nutritional A and essential fatty acids just like linoleic acid solution, olive oil is able to visibly improve the appearance of hair already from the first of all applications.

Make sure you apply the olive oil, if possible extra-virgin, upon the skin and the length using a gentle therapeutic massage, collect the head of hair, cover having a towel and leave upon for at least an hour before rinsing with a lot of fresh water.

You can prepare at your home an amazing do-it-yourself natural lotion for dried hair with two tablespoons of essential olive oil, two egg yolks and a spoonful of darling.

Apple white vinegar

Add a tablespoon of apple vinegar once rinsed with fresh water after the shampoo may have a beneficial influence on the brittle hair. If the curly hair is particularly dried and damaged, it is advisable to put on the overhead the equivalent of two cups of water and one of apple vinegar and leave for an hour just before rinsing, carefully covering the head of hair with a towel.

Masks meant for dry curly hair with avocado and clown

It is possible to acquire effective reinforcing hair masks with the avocado pulp mixed with that of a banana and bright white yogurt.


The mayo is a valuable ally to get the care of dry locks. To prepare the mask you require an egg, white colored yogurt and a good amount of mayonnaise. After whipping egg white, add yoghurt and mayonnaise. Get spread around the mix on the locks and keep for at least around 30 minutes, then rinse off it off with fresh water and move forward with cleansing the hair.

To acquire more amazing hair all of us also advise to be careful with food, which include in our diet plan protein foods such as eggs, crustaceans and blue fish, as well as extra virgin extra virgin olive oil, whole grains, vegatables and fruits, especially spargelkohl and cauliflower. It is also highly recommended to take locks supplements depending on vitamins, copper and zinc.

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