Website Marketing Research With Google, Ebay As Well As Amazon

Internet searches are really effective in finding not just how popular your topic is, but how exactly to put up your autoresponder for maximum results.

A massive bulk of online users find what they truly are searching for by looking, whether they normally use an over-all internet search engine like Bing or perhaps a site-specific engine to wade through customer mega-sites like e-Bay and Amazon.

An instant explore your subject will reveal exactly how many folks are interested, and exactly what convinces them to always check products out.


Let me tell you, Google is considered the most popular internet search engine–so much so, its name has changed into a synonym for the work of running a web search (in other words., “we couldn’t discover that website that articles the winning lottery figures, and so I simply Googled it.”)

Many online marketers make increasing their website ranking–the “place in line” the site appears in Google results using their keywords–one of this key components of their advertising campaigns.

Receiving a top 10 Google rank (appearing regarding the first web page of search engine results) is akin to winning an Olympic gold medal into the advertising world.

How can this assist you to with your market research? By studying the top serp’s for pages you discover through key words relating to your subject, you’ll find down exactly what these websites are doing to attain internet search engine success.

The next steps will allow you to run a fruitful and informative Bing search.

1. record key words and keywords and key phrases relating to your subject. For example, if the subject is “working from home”, your variety of keywords could be: work at home, a home based job, work at home, telecommute, telecommuting, at home jobs.

2. Go to your Google website and type in your first keyword or expression, then click on “Bing Search”.

NOTE: If you are not sure of Google, clicking on “I’m Feeling fortunate” will maybe not make a listing of sites; it will take you right to exactly what Bing has determined the most appropriate website for your keyword. But if you are in the feeling for a laugh, you may take to “I’m experiencing Lucky” only for kicks.

Once you have the search engine results, browse the pages which can be highly relevant to your subject (search engines are by no means precise, and quite often there are outcomes that don’t connect with your topic–or at least, maybe not in how you had in mind). The best way to repeat this is to right-click in the links you intend to check out and select “start in new screen.” This may keep consitently the Google serp’s page available and that means you need not backtrack through your web browser to get it once more.

3. Note the way the web sites are laid out (could it be appealing and simple to see, or does it make your eyes bleed?), what type of text is on the front side page (does it appear informative, or is it all hype? Are there any a lot of spelling and grammar errors?), and whether there is an obvious available product. If there is a site counter, note exactly how many site visitors your website has received.

4. Repeat this method with the rest of your keywords. You may often get the exact same web sites turning up within the top 10 for various, associated searches. Spend special focus on these; they have been the ones you might emulate when you create the web site for the autoresponder.

NOTE: in the event that you run a Google search in your topic and discover only 2 or 3 associated internet sites prior to the results generate unrelated product, it could indicate there exists a limited marketplace for your subject. In this situation you ought to either rewrite your keywords and take to again, or start thinking about selecting a different topic altogether.


It’s said you can buy any such thing on e-bay, from cars and computers to clothes formerly used by superstars.

This massive online customer market and auction house is a haven for buyers and vendors trying to find money saving deals through the convenience of the very own domiciles.

Searching for items pertaining to your topic on eBay will allow you to home in in your market. It will help you determine how much purchasers are prepared to pay for items linked to your subject.

Follow these steps to exploit eBay for information:

1. Sign up for the free e-bay account. This personalizes your experience and allows e-bay to provide you with appropriate information each time you see.

2. Go to the eBay home page and log in.

3. Choose one of the categories regarding the left-hand part for the page that is highly relevant to you subject and flick through the listings, or visit a specific product or subject making use of the search bar near the top of the page.

4. Make note of this price ranges people are able to purchase items or services and products pertaining to your subject. This may give you a general idea of things to charge for yours. Also, note how many items are available regarding your topic in comparison to other subjects. This isn’t restricted to publications: you will probably find CDs, audio programs, or one of the most significant forms your product can take.

Amazon, the “other” internet consumer giant, is similar to e-Bay in that you could find just about anything you want to purchase. Amazon’s biggest selection is in media: books, movies and music; however they likewise have a huge stock of electronic devices, toys, precious jewelry, clothes and accessories, and even more. Where e-Bay specializes in selling used items through auctions and classifieds-style marketing, Amazon holds new items plus a healthy dose of independent vendors touting used wares.

Your purpose in using Amazon for market research is twofold: you can expect to identify your rivals and find out exactly how popular your topic is, and you will become acquainted with how Amazon works, while you will probably wish to give consideration to making your product available through Amazon.

Listed here is how exactly to look it over:

1. subscribe for the Amazon account, if you do not curently have one. Like eBay, Amazon trademark will provide you with individualized recommendations based on your searching and buying history, and keep you updated utilizing the latest available information on your subject.

2. When you have registered, go right to the Amazon webpage and log in (you are automatically logged in; Amazon really likes monitoring its clients and often will keep you perpetually signed on, even if you leave the site…)

3. Using the search bar towards the top of the page, select “Books” from the dropdown list and key in your topic or key words. The outcomes you will get is going to be both print publications and e-books. Since Amazon deals primarily in brand new item, you’ll be able to see the retail cost of competitive items.

4. Make note of costs and also the amount of games available concerning your subject. Additionally, you might like to give consideration to looking at the Listmania sections regarding the item pages you view (you will find this by scrolling down in the page, very nearly towards the base). Listmania can be an Amazon program that encourages consumer recommendations by enabling Amazon users to compile lists of these favorite publications on Amazon. Checking out Listmania picks helps you understand what sort of product your target market is enthusiastic about, and exactly how much they are ready to shell out the dough.

5. Once you look for a item, if you scroll down past Listmania you will find sections on “similar items by category” and “comparable products by subject.” You’ll search through the available items regarding your topic in this manner without going back to your search outcomes web page.

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