What is the best means to sand a wood floor?

After years of website traffic, the wood floors are shedding their appeal. To rejuvenate them, sanding and re-opening could be necessary. Below’s how you can sand and also varnish a timber floor.

Cut the film of paint in between the plinth and the wall surface with a utility knife. Location a small board versus the wall surface so as not to damage it. Remove the skirting board with a nail bar or screwdriver against the board. Spread out the plinth at the area of each nail. Number skirting boards as you remove them to help with reinstallation. Remove the nails.

To sand a flooring over its entire surface, utilize a drum sander. Begin using # 80 paper. Starting from completion of the workpiece, press the sander in the direction of the floor battens to around 6 “from the wall surface. Raise the drum while maintaining the sander moving. Return to your starting factor and start the next area halfway along the width of the very first area. When the surface has been entirely fined sand, replace the # 80 paper with # 120. Repeat the process making use of # 150 paper to get rid of the marks left by the previous sanding. It is very important to operate in a well ventilated area. If needed, you can rent out some devices or work with experts. Or else, make sure to follow the instructions,

Make use of a boundary sander, and the exact same fining sand paper numbers in the order suggested in the previous step, to sand along the wall surface. Scuff hard-to-reach locations, such as radiators, with a paint scraper. At these very same areas, sand manually.

Begin by using the varnish on the edge of the space using a brush that appropriates for the product made use of. After that use an applicator recommended by the manufacturer as well as spread the varnish over the remainder of the flooring. Allow the moment advised by sablage de plancher .

To finish the job, sand the surface making use of a finishing sander with a fine-grained rough pad.

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